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The Power of Portrait utilizes the genre of portrait painting to integrate art, CCSS standards, Cultural Focus, and Social and Emotional Learning. Participants engage in hands-on art projects that explore voice, choice, artistic expression, writing, and speaking and listening activities. Also provided are various scaffolding techniques and content applications.  

Workshop Lengths:
2 Hour Session: Includes one watercolor portrait project
6 Hour Session: Includes one watercolor portrait project and a mixed media project

Student Art from Donna King’s Class

The Power of Portrait for Students is based on the belief that ALL students thrive in a learning environment that integrates opportunities for voice, choice, and artistic expression. These watercolor and mixed media portrait projects provide artistic scaffolding through an image transfer technique, which launches students’ artistic confidence and creativity. This technique provides a visual means by which students can analyze concepts, such as characterization, understand content through speaking and listening, and then demonstrate understanding through short or extended response writing. 


Transforming Shape into Form features the art elements of tint and shade. Participants learn how to create the illusion of space and how portrait and still life artists apply these elements to their craft.


Multi-Session Modules

Module I: Elements of Art & Principles of Design introduces the basic tools artists use and how they arrange these tools to create works of art. Interactive art activities are included to enhance the learning process.

Module II: The Emerging Artist will ignite your creativity as you learn how to create various works of art, photograph art, and showcase a collection in a digital portfolio and media project. Basic photo editing skills and tips for integrating photos and videos into iMovie projects also included.

Module III: Media for Influence explores social justice and environmental awareness through project-based learning. “I Can Change my World” guides participants through researching social and environmental issues, selecting an area of focus, writing a compelling argument to address the issues as well as designing a video to influence change. This project empowers participants to become change agents in the world. CAASPP preparation performance task ideas, reading strategies, routines for accessing complex text, and writing standards also addressed.


Module IV: Media Careers explores the entrepreneurship through the lens of media arts.

Peek and Flocabulary Career Simulations take students behind the scenes to experience real world career tasks that require the use of media skills.

Other media-based careers will be explored and enacted as well. Make learning relevant by showing students how literacy and creativity are needed for today’s media careers.

Module V: Marketing your Art guides participants through the process of taking art from canvas to market place. Learn skills artists use to capture, organize, advertise, and sell their art: photo shoots, photo editing, website portfolio, eCommerce website, video trailer, photo gallery, social media applications, and branding tools: business card, media kits, and brochures.

Consulting Services
Through collaborative planning sessions with District and school leadership, arts TOSAS, and teachers, JoDee helps participants to design effective arts-integration plans, programs, and professional development that engage students, equip teachers, and assist administrators.

Curriculum Development
Developing arts-integration curriculum to suit the unique needs of districts, schools, or educational companies.

Classroom Support: Collaborative Lesson Designing and Coaching

Collaborative Lesson Design and Alongside Coaching services include: preliminary planning with teachers to assist with student data analysis to determine area(s) of focus, collaboratively designing an arts-integration lesson, and providing in-class support. Additional follow-up de-briefs are provided to discuss and improve the lesson. Coaching services are available for one-on-one or small groups of teachers.

JoDee Luna speaks to varied audiences, including educators, students, leadership conferences, women’s groups and youth retreats. She believes that the creative experience is for everyone, so she seeks to inspire people to create and shares tips that make art easy.

Keynote Speaking

Women and Youth Conference Keynotes and Workshops

A Story of Overcoming: JoDee shares how creativity and faith helped her to overcome personal tragedies. Drawing from the life of Joseph in the Old Testament, she shares key spiritual truths and practical principles that have helped her to not only overcome but to rebuild a life full of creativity and purpose. A colorful PowerPoint and video that highlight her journey enhances this presentation.

Chosen to Create: This workshop highlights God as the Creator of all, providing tips for capturing creativity and developing the artistic gifts He has given you. Express your desire for Him to work in your heart through a watercolor portrait activity.


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