Luna Arts & Ed, LLC features creative and engaging educational resources, arts-integration professional development, whiteboard animation production, graphic design, keynote speaking, and videography and photography services.

JoDee and Justin Luna endeavor to design products that accelerate learning, inspire creativity, and make art easy.

Justin is a photographer and videographer with expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier.

He is actively working on multiple video productions along with assisting JoDee with arts-integration projects.

 His enjoys playing golf, traveling, and taking photographs wherever he goes.


JoDee is also an artist, writer, professional development trainer, speaker, photographer, blogger, crafter, and video content creator with expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier. A creative eclectic who goes on excursions looking for inspiration and gets lost in her art room for hours. JoDee Luna Art features her personal portfolios and inspirational posts.

JoDee Luna Resume

JoDee advocates for the arts in education because she has personally witnessed how the arts improve teacher efficacy, increase students’ social and emotional skills, and accelerate student learning. Having spent a career working with struggling learners, she is skilled at integrating the arts, research-based strategies, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and instructional routines to accelerate student learning and increase opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding.

She has extensive experience working collaboratively with District and school leadership teams to design effective arts-integration programs and professional development that engage students, equip teachers, and assist administrators.

She credits TEAL, Technology Enhanced Arts Learning, (LACOE) with revolutionizing her approach to arts integration and has presented with the TEAL TEAM at numerous educational conferences in addition to having presented at numerous other venues as well.



District Instructional Coach Kristi Zenno

Previous to retiring in June of 2019, JoDee worked as a District Instructional Coach for the Lancaster School District, overseeing adaptive, instructional technology programs that accelerate literacy as well as District-wide art initiatives. She has managed multiple arts-integration grants and was the POC for TEAL. Her vision to expand arts integration coupled with a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables advanced TEAL throughout the Lancaster School District.

JoDee worked collaboratively with District and school leadership teams to write arts-integration grants, design District-wide art plans, and create unique arts-integration programs. She also designed and taught courses for teachers that integrated literacy, technology and the arts as well as assisted teachers with art lessons in their classrooms.



Lancaster School District’s Strategic Plan for Arts Integration

Prior to education, JoDee owned an arts and craft business with her sister, Gina, and previous to that was a ministry leader for fifteen years.

Her website, http://jodeelunaart.com, features inspirational posts, vibrant photography, how-to lessons, creativity tips, and her art portfolios.



JoDee and Gina’s Heartwarmers Booth


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