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Luna Arts & Ed TPT Store

Luna Arts & Ed TPT Store features whiteboard animation creations, animated videos, and artistically-designed lessons and activities to engage and accelerate students mastery of challenging standards. Interactive/writable pdfs provide video links as well as text boxes for students to use to type in their answers.

Check out TPT products:

Free Download: Response to Literature Academic Vocabulary

Theme Lesson and Activities (Link to TPT Product)

Theme Video and writable pdf introduces students to theme with engaging mix of whiteboard animation, cartooning, and poetry to help students visualize the concept. Multiple opportunities included to practice and apply the skill of identifying and writing a theme.

Whimsy and Wonder Poetry for Fluency Practice (Link to TPT Product)

A collection of twenty-seven poems created to provide an engaging way for students to practice reading fluency while learning essential academic vocabulary. These poems will delight kids of all ages, including grown-ups in need of a chuckle.

The Power of Portraits (Link to TPT Product)

The Power of Portraits explores the genre of portrait painting with art technique lessons for watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media portraits created by portrait artist, JoDee Luna. Video links for a three-part series on “How to Paint Eyes” and an instructional video for Watercolor Portrait.

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